Top 10 Leak Detectors

The Top 10 leak detectors keep you in the know if your water or gas meter is running too high. Some work in tandem with your home’s Wi-Fi to send alerts to your smartphone, while others are standalone devices designed for easy installation and use. Some can even shut off the water, saving you from catastrophic damage and a costly plumber bill.

Smart water sensors can be used to monitor areas around sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures, but can also be placed in basements, attics, or crawl spaces prone to water damage from leaking rainwater or melted snow. They usually run off batteries or plug into an electrical outlet, and are easy to install. Many have sensor cables that are several feet long, making them useful for tight or cramped spaces behind toilets, fridges, and washing machines.

The HydroCheck WaterWatcher stood out as one of our best smart water leak detectors because it can actually turn off a connected appliance, such as a washer or dehumidifier, when it detects a flood. It also doesn’t require a hub, and works over your Wi-Fi for easy setup. Its price is a little steep at $80, but it fills a niche for those who need to keep an eye on their appliances in addition to their water meters. The Resideo Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector is another great choice for those who need to monitor pipes and other water-using appliances. It runs on AA batteries for up to three years, and it’s easy to install, with no hub required. It also includes a loud 100-dB alarm. Top 10 leak detectors

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