Top 5 Lake Garda Activities

Whether you fly into one of the closest airports, take a scenic train journey, or opt for the flexibility of driving, there are many convenient ways to begin your unforgettable Lake Garda experience. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Take an Island Tour

Explore the lake by boat and admire the picturesque towns that dot its shorelines. You can hop on ferries, join tours, or hire a private boat. We hired Taxi Boat Salo for a short 1-hour tour from Salo to Gardone Riviera and Isola del Garda, but they also do longer trips if you want to stay out on the water for more time.

Go Canyoning

Lake Garda offers a range of canyoning adventures for all skill levels. Kids can join the family-friendly Vione canyon, while more experienced climbers can try the incredibly challenging Peone canyon tour. To go canyoning, make sure you have a swimsuit, comfortable clothes and shoes that can get wet, a towel and some snacks.

Cook a Local Dish

Lake Gardinians love to cook, so it’s no surprise that local cooking classes are a popular attraction in this region of Italy. These hands-on classes offer a fun and educational way to learn about the local gastronomic traditions, while also sampling some delicious creations.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Varone Falls

The dramatic cascades of the Cascate del Varone are some of the most iconic sights in northern Italy and a must-see for any nature lover. The crashing waters plunge into a deep natural gorge, creating an impressive spray. You can see the waterfall from various locations around the lake, or you can visit the dedicated park in the small town of Tenno, just a few kilometers from Riva del Garda. lake garda activities

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