Types of RV Refrigerators

The RV refrigerator is a key component of any RV. It keeps your food, drinks and other supplies cold so you can enjoy camping in comfort. But it is important to understand the different types of rv refrigerators and which ones are best for your specific needs.

The most common type of rv refrigerator is the 12V compressor fridge. This kind of fridge uses an internal compressor to cool and can be powered by either DC or AC power sources. It is great for campers that are plugged in to power most of the time or for those who want the option of going off the grid and using solar panels for power.

Another popular choice is the absorption style fridge. These use a chemical reaction to keep foods and beverages cold. The downside to this type of fridge is that it can take longer for the food to be cooled down and can have trouble in high altitudes. If you go with this type of refrigerator make sure to put all your food in the freezer or at least in coolers to help it stay cold.

It is also a good idea to regularly run your RV refrigerator to check for ice or other problems that can be corrected quickly. This will help to extend the life of your rv refrigerator and help it to work properly. Another tip is to always keep space between food and beverages so the air can circulate and prevent overcrowding.

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