Video Editor SDK

Video Editor SDK is a powerful, scalable and slick video editing solution. With a variety of filters, overlays, frames and effects, it is the perfect tool for creating memorable videos that will engage your users.

The SDK’s Video module is a powerhouse for video processing with rich functionality including clip, resize, merge, rotate and split audio stream, which is all powered by the GPU. It also ships with a variety of useful tools such as static stickers, frames and overlays to give your video creations the look and feel of a professional movie production.

Besides the basic trimming, you can choose from a variety of advanced adjustment operations like gamma, contrast and brightness for a more personalized touch. Over 60 preset filters and a full range of social aspect ratios will allow your users to achieve their best looking video with ease.

Make a big splash with your travel app by adding stunning videos that will increase bookings and engagement for travelers and agents alike. Whether it is showing off local attractions, hotels or prices, ComVideoKit gives the user the ultimate in immersive video content that can win their loyalty.

The best part? It’s easy to implement and can help you shorten your time to market with its stable, robust and intuitive features.

What’s more, the UI is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs while matching your brand’s aesthetic. It’s designed to work on almost any main operating system from Mac, iOS, Android or Windows.

Using the SDK’s headless API, you can build an entirely custom UI to match your application’s branding and style. You can also choose from a large library of pre-designed and branded video and audio assets to enhance your app’s experience.

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