Water Filter Taps For Your Kitchen

Designed to give you instant access to filtered water right at your kitchen sink, our range of taps with a built-in filter reduces the chlorine and other elements that can cause a less than ideal taste. As well as removing these elements, most models also remove heavy metals that are often found in drinking water. The result is clean, hygienic and fresh tasting water that will have your family feeling healthier, and save you money on buying jugs of water from the shops!

Water filter taps are available as an under-sink system, which sits underneath your sink, or as a mixer with a single outlet for both hot and cold water. Some are also available with a push button to dispense filtered water. Engineered with DuoPure(tm) Technology, these models feature independent lines for regular and filtered water, avoiding any possibility of cross-contamination and ensuring 100% pure filtered water at your kitchen sink.

As a result, they are a great alternative to water filter jugs, and can help cut down on the amount of plastic in your home. They’re also a great way to encourage the whole family to drink more water, which is healthy and can improve energy levels and mood, whilst reducing your consumption of caffeinated drinks and sugary drinks. As well as improving the taste of your everyday water, they can also make a big difference to coffee and tea, which can have better flavor and steeping times when made with filtered water. water filter taps kitchen

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