Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

Water soluble bag manufacturers produce bags that dissolve or biodegrade in water, making them an excellent choice for packaging items to be added to a wet environment. They can be used for laundry, food, commercial goods, electronic, jewelry, textile, medical and other products. The bags are available in rolls of standard sizes or can be custom designed. They are heat sealable, printed or embossed and provide a secure closure. Some are also tamper evident and contain a bar code or serial number.

These bags are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes that need to minimize contact between staff and soiled laundry. They are able to contain blood borne pathogens, MRSA and pests like bed bugs from infected linens or clothing. In addition, they can be used for mixing pigments in concrete and cement manufacturing, mixing dyes in the textile industry and for other purposes. These bags are environmentally friendly as they safely dissolve in the laundry machine, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination and preventing the spread of disease.

The water soluble bags are made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film. PVA is a natural, renewable, biodegradable, and odorless material that is made from the polymerization of two vinyl alcohol molecules. It can be produced in a wide range of thicknesses, and is odorless and non-toxic when exposed to sunlight. It is also heat and UV-resistant, and possesses good strength and tensile properties.

Manufacturer of custom and stock plastic bags and specialty packaging including PVA water soluble bags, transfer printing, embroidery, mold release, medical and textiles. Products are manufactured in the USA and are sold in rolls of various lengths and widths as well as pre-cut bags. Also provides labeling and embossing services.

Another type of water soluble bag is one that is used for laundering and contains soiled linen, bedding and clothing from hospitals. These are known as hospital laundry bags and are used to help reduce the spread of infection by minimizing the handling of contaminated linens. This type of bag can be easily disposed of, and it also eliminates the need for cleaning and washing of contaminated equipment and linens.

These bags are also called’marine-safe’ bags because they are said to be able to break down and biodegrade in marine environments, thus limiting harm to marine life. However, there is some debate about whether this claim is justified. A key concern is that the’marine-safe’ bags may actually end up in the ocean as fragments and other waste products, rather than completely dissolving or biodegrading. The main producer of PVA for such uses, Aquapak, addresses this issue in a white paper that is publicly available on their website. The authors of this report conclude that the bags will not dissolve in the sea, but do biodegrade and do not pose a threat to marine life.

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