What Happens During a Gas Boiler Service?

Having a regular gas boiler service helps to ensure your boiler is working efficiently, which can save you money on energy bills. It also reduces the build-up of soot, which can cause damage and may even be dangerous if it accumulates too much. In addition, having a regular service can help to identify any problems that need fixing before they become more serious and could potentially lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

During a gas boiler service, your engineer will inspect a number of different things. They will usually start by removing the casing and will then check the heat exchanger, main injector, burner and spark probe. They will also check for any signs of corrosion and examine the expansion vessel. Finally, they will check that the boiler has the right gas pressure and will ignite it to listen out for any unusual noises.

Additionally, the engineer will usually look at your flue pipe to make sure it is securely fitted and that there are no blockages. They will also check the air to fuel ratio, as this is important for your boiler’s efficiency and it needs to be at an optimum level.

It is important to note that a gas boiler service does not include a gas safety certificate. A gas safety certificate is a legal requirement for landlords and it checks multiple gas appliances, including your boiler. For this reason, it is important that you book both services separately. gas boiler service

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