What is a Link Shortener?

A link shortener is an online tool that takes a long URL and creates a shortened version that can be shared. These services often include UTM analytics to help businesses track their social media ROI, as well as branding and personalization features. Some are free to use, while others require a subscription.

Whenever a potential lead clicks on the short link, the link shortening service will redirect them to the original URL in a way that doesn’t interfere with their browser or device. These services can also provide advanced security settings and privacy options to keep the links secure.

There are many different types of link shorteners available, from simple text-only tools to comprehensive solutions for small and midsize businesses. The best choice will depend on the business’s security needs and the priorities for their link management strategies. Some of the most popular services include Bitly, Rebrandly, and Hootsuite.

A good link shortener will have a high level of reliability and be easy to use. If a tool goes out of business or makes major changes that make the service inoperable, this could cause links to become broken or lead to the wrong website. It’s important to prioritize services with a solid reputation and positive user reviews.

Short URLs can be very useful for businesses, especially when sharing content on social media or in text messages. They’re easier for people to remember and can get around character limits on platforms like Twitter. They can also improve the look of an ad, business card, or document by eliminating extraneous characters. link shortener

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