What is a Utility Payment Solution?

The modern world relies on reliable and affordable access to water, electricity and gas. Providing these essential services requires efficient payment processing that supports a variety of customer payment methods including online, direct debit and phone. A flexible utility payment solution can help to ensure customers pay their bills on time, while enabling utilities to reduce internal costs and improve the conversion of invoices to payments via automation.

Reliable and automated recurring ACH credit payments offer convenience to customers and improve billing processes for utility companies. They also offer improved cash flow management and allow for the reallocation of staff resources to other business critical areas.

Adaptable utility billing and payments solutions can improve the payment experience for residents, while allowing for easy management of accounts, historical tracking and reporting. Integrated with third-party meter reading systems, they can provide an all-in-one resident management and billing solution that marries a robust online payment processor with powerful customer service tools and a unified metering interface.

The best utility payment solutions enable users to make a one-off or recurring credit card or ACH payment online, by using secure browser links or a phone app. The payments are processed in a PCI-compliant environment, so residents can make transactions from anywhere without having to provide sensitive banking information to the utility company or other unsecured websites.

A product is a set of accounting details, charges and rates that you can map to a particular kind of transaction that your bank will process in favour of a utility provider institution. You can then specify the product when you create a transaction type in ARC maintenance and the system will apply all the specifications to any actual transactions that are processed against this particular product. utility payment solution

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