What is an ATX Case?

An atx case is a computer tower that adheres to the ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) specifications. These are the same sizes that most motherboards fit in, so if you’re building with an ATX board you can generally find an ATX case to suit you.

There are a lot of ATX cases to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes, with everything from noise-cancelling designs with side panels and features designed for refined, quiet builds, to brightly-lit style icons with glass panelling designed to show off your hardware. The size and variety of ATX cases mean you can get the best in performance and expandability – or you can go for a smaller, more compact system that can be built in a lot less space.

The most common ATX cases are full-tower models. These are designed to accommodate eATX motherboards, 3 or more graphics cards and plenty of storage. They also provide enough room for the biggest and most powerful cooling systems.

Some ATX cases come in unique and interesting designs, like the AeroCool Skribble mid-tower with tempered glass “drawing panels” on the sides and front that let you create your own art. Another is Fractal Design’s North, which looks amazing and has fantastic airflow thanks to its wood-and-mesh front, while also providing lots of cool aRGB lighting.

If you’re on a tighter budget, the LanCool 216 is a good ATX case for under $100. It doesn’t look as premium or cool as some of the other options here, but it still offers a lot for the money including great airflow and three aRGB PWM fans. atx case

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