What is Bitcoin Tumbler?

Bitcoin Tumbler is a service that allows you to hide the link between your on-chain Bitcoin transactions and your wallet address. This is important because the Blockchain (the public ledger that records all transactions) is publicly viewable. Tumbling services break this link by mixing your coins with other holders’ coins so that the source of the coins cannot be traced back to you.

To use a tumbler, you send your Bitcoin to the service, which then mixes them with other users’ Bitcoin and then sends them to a new, unique Bitcoin address. This makes it impossible to link the transaction to your original wallet address. Then, you can send the newly-mixed Bitcoin to anyone else. For example, Alice sent 1 BTC to a tumbler, which mixed it with the coins from other users and then sent that Bitcoin to Bob. When Bob received the Bitcoin, he didn’t know it originally came from Alice or any other user.

Tumblers also help protect your cryptocurrency from theft. By obscuring your transaction history, they make it more difficult for hackers to find out where you’ve been spending your Bitcoin and thus target you for theft.

While tumbling services can offer increased privacy, it’s important to remember that they aren’t foolproof. Determined adversaries can still track your cryptocurrency through a combination of change addresses and other analysis techniques. In addition, some tumblers have been used for illicit activities such as money laundering, which can lead to legal complications if you’re caught. Bitcoin Tumbler

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