What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a process where a neutral mediator assists individuals in discussing and resolving family issues. This can include child arrangements, financial negotiations with cohabiting couples or divorced parties and Schedule 1 matters (financial provision for children).

The aim is to enable families to resolve their own disputes, rather than leave it to a judge to make an order which will govern their future lives. This can be more cost effective and less distressing than court proceedings. The individuals involved in the dispute are the ones who know their families best and can therefore tailor an agreement to suit their circumstances.

Like a family therapist, the role of a Family mediator is to help each individual to explore their feelings and understand the wider situation whilst trying to reach an outcome that balances all parties’ interests. It can be very difficult to do, especially when emotions are running high. However, if both parties are able to communicate well and work together to resolve the dispute, it can be beneficial for everyone involved in the long term.

Generally, family mediation sessions will take place either online or face to face. The sessions can be joint or separate and sometimes the mediator will arrange meetings with your children to get their perspective. Preparing for the mediation is important and bringing all relevant paperwork with you will help you progress during the meeting. You should also prepare a list of issues that you want to discuss during the mediation session and a draft parenting plan. https://stoke.lakesmediation.co.uk/

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