What You May Not Be Aware About Moving Companies

Moving is a very personal and emotional experience and your choice of moving companies may reduce or add stress to this experience. Planning can help you be in control of any situation and hiring professional movers can help you stay away from expensive mistakes.

Check references and inquire about the moving company so that you become aware of consumer complaints if any. It is best to hire companies that have very few claims against them. The status of the company license should also be verified.

What do you need to do before hiring moving companies?


    • First do an informal research about the companies that you had shortlisted. You can ask friends for any recommendations or warnings about any movers that they had used in the past. Ask for references and verify them. Avoid using companies that have many complaints filed against them.


    • Get more than 2 – 3 estimates and meet the representatives of the company so that they are able to look at the household items that are to be packed and moved. This helps them give a correct estimate. Ask the moving company representatives whether the estimates will be binding or nonbinding. Avoid accepting an estimate over the phone.


    • The mover should be aware of everything that needs to be moved. The cost may increase if you choose to add any new thing to the agreed estimate. You should also make sure that the mover is aware of any heavy things that need to be moved. Most moving companies use special equipment to move anything heavy and this should be specified to them in advance.


    • It is best to consider purchasing moving or relocation insurance so that your precious possessions are insured when they are on the road. Many types of insurance packages are available and you need to make the choice depending on your specific requirement.


  • It is advisable to pay close attention to the contract. Before signing the agreement be sure to read the document carefully. If you have doubts about any particular item in the contract it is best to get it clarified. The agreement should contain the name and address of the mover, type of payment that is accepted and other details pertaining to the type of items that are to be moved.


You can easily avoid moving company scams if you play close attention to the agreement that you sign. If you are not sure about the details that are provided in the agreement then ask questions about them. If you are not satisfied with the answers that are provided by the moving companies you can refuse to sign the agreement and hire other movers that provide satisfactory answers to your queries. movers near me

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