What You Need to Know About Private Live in Carers

Private live in Carers enable people who require full-time care to receive it in their own home, providing a great alternative to residential or nursing care. The services that are delivered vary, depending on the individual’s day-to-day needs and can include assisting with bathing and dressing, cooking and cleaning. They may help with shopping and arranging appointments as well as offering company, companionship and social activities. They can also provide medication assistance and work alongside district nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists and OTs to offer the best possible care.

If you choose to hire a private live in carer directly rather than through an agency, you’ll need to cover things like sick pay, holiday entitlements and paying a fair wage as well as sorting out insurance and respite care for when the carer needs time off. You’ll also be responsible for employment contracts and doing the relevant background checks.

The first week is always a trial period, which gives you the opportunity to see how your carer fits in with your family and home before making a permanent decision. Continuity is important, so try to stick with the same caregiver whenever possible. This will allow you to build up a stronger bond, find common ground and grow comfortable together. Often, this is easier for the person receiving care too as it offers consistency and familiarity. However, sometimes you may need a specialist carer who has experience with a specific condition, which can come at a higher cost. Private live in Carers

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