Wine Making History

If you are familiar with our world history, particularly that which is related to agriculture, civilization, cuisine and humanity as a whole, then you would be amazed to know that the history of wine making is very much related to these topics and it also covers a lengthy period of time, spanning thousands of years, discussing topics such as the how to homemade wine.

Tons of proofs were gathered that suggest people of long ago had very distinct knowledge about the how to homemade wine or the process of producing their own wine right at their own backyards or homes, how to produce this from grapes they picked right out of their vineyard and how to use wine in general.
Here are some instances that tell us so:

– In 6000 to 5000 BC, the earliest evidence of how to homemade wine or wine processing were found in Iran and Georgia and Iran.
– Around 6,500 years ago, archeologists dug up proofs in Macedonia in Europe, telling us that they also had knowledge in the how to homemade wine at that early age.
– In Egypt, their way of life was centered in their ceremonies. It was very crucial to them. There were records showing that these ceremonial rites that they had included the making and use of wine among Egyptians. There are even drawings in their tombs and walls depicting such rituals.
– Among the Chinese race, archeologists have evidence showing the implementation of the how to homemade wine and use of wine which can be traced back from 2000 to 1000 BC.

In the Roman and Greek classical times, wine was incorporated in their diet. It was actually an essential part of their meals that they couldn’t eat without at least having a glass or two. This was brought about by their adaption of a developed technology at that time. They called this technology Wine Press. This technology made it easier and faster for them to produce wine from different kinds of grapes, formulate effective land growing techniques, and making of barrels for wine storage and shipments.

In the Catholic Church, when the Roman Empire fell, they also incorporated in their rituals the execution of the how to homemade wine and its use particularly in the celebration of mass which was a high point of their Eucharistic celebration. Wine use was necessity at this point. Because of this, there was a proliferation of wine use in the 15th century. But this was only among the Catholics. Other religion like Islam forbade the use of alcohol unless it’s for medicinal and healing purposes.

If we trace the use of wine in the prehistoric times, we might be disappointed because there is very little data. There is only speculation that the people at that time also practiced on the how to homemade wine and did their own wine concoction from wild grapes from which grew their other winemaking endeavors.
It is quite difficult to really locate where wine making first started. Proofs and evidences gathered by archeologists all these years point to several different directions. Some point to the very vast continent of Africa while others point to the equally immense land of South and Central Asia.

In terms of the wine that we have today, a lot of its influence came from the tradition of the ancient Greeks. It is good to note that the grapes used in modern Greece is very similar to those used during the ancient times.

Implementing the how to homemade wine is simply an activity that will blow you away. It’s so amazing ad fantastic! The mere fact that you can make some right at the comforts of your own home the way the ancient people do makes you honored to be included in this long lived tradition of wine making. And as you continue this practice, you will be able to discover special new wine recipes and even create your own too. In time, you will be able to sell your own produce. Now, wouldn’t that be fantastic? This will prove to be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself! Willamette Valley tours

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