Arden, Vermont – Home of the Arden Club

The arden is the historic and cultural center of the Village of Arden, and also of the three nearby villages: Ardentown and Ardencroft. It includes a community center (Gild Hall), the Moonlight Theater and the Swimming Gild’s pool. It is surrounded by beautiful and varied woodlands. The arden is the home of the Arden Club and hosts dinners, concerts, theatrical performances and other community events. It is the place where many people meet to work on a common project or simply to talk and catch up with friends.

The woods are a peaceful retreat where people can enjoy wildlife, wildflowers and other plants in a natural setting. They are cared for by volunteers who organize woods cleanups, ivy “pulls” and other activities. The Arden Forest Committee has a page on this website and its own public Facebook page, where they post the latest news about the forests in our area.

Arden was founded in 1900 as a Single Tax community based on the economic philosophy of Henry George and the Arts and Crafts Movement of William Morris and Ebenezer Howard. Its unique governing structure, defined in its charter, makes it the oldest and largest of the Three Villages of the Ardens. It is governed by the town meeting form of government and residents pay land rent in lieu of property taxes for their homes. Half the village is forest and greens, which are not taxed.

The Village’s governing documents and ordinances are reviewed and updated every four years. The most recent revision took effect in 2023. Residents are encouraged to become familiar with these documents and to attend the monthly Town Meetings, where the most important changes are discussed. A good starting point is the document “Arden: Here’s How It Works,” and the Arden Page has more current information as new ordinances are considered.

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