Sex Addiction Help in San Diego

Sex addiction is characterized by an out-of-control pattern of sexual behavior that interferes with work and relationships. It can include sexual compulsive behaviors like masturbation, seeking out illicit activities or obsessive preoccupation with pornography that leads to risky sexual activity, cheating on a partner and/or using sex to cope with life’s problems (sexualized coping).

If left unchecked, the cycle of sex addiction can become more destructive to family, work and social and emotional connections. It is often coupled with other addictions and, just like drug and alcohol addictions, is exacerbated by the shame and powerlessness that accompanies them.

Many professionals do not have a broad enough level of training to address the complex issues associated with sex addiction. Consequently, they may over-focus on the psychological aspects of the addiction such as treating depression and/or addressing a history of trauma and under-focus on the more specific, sex related problems such as avoiding intimacy, masturbation or exposure to others without consent.

If you or someone you know is engaged in sexual behavior that is causing harm, contact us for help. We offer individual sex addiction therapy as well as couples counseling and we work in an environment that fosters relational depth and addresses attachment and trauma. We can help you and your loved ones interrupt the lying, scheming and hurting that is tearing apart your lives. It’s time to break free of the fantasy world and get back to reality. Our experienced staff is ready to help you. sex addiction san diego

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