Crazy Golf Hire

Crazy Golf is a great entertainment choice for all ages and is a fantastic way to get people talking at your event. It is also perfect for team building events and adds a fun competitive spirit to your day. Children love it because it’s not something they feel embarrassed doing with their parents and adults find it highly addictive due to the simple skill involved and the bright, eye catching obstacles.

We have a wide range of Crazy Golf hire options and can supply courses for both indoor and outdoor use. All of our courses are designed to fit through a standard lift shaft so they can be easily transported between floors within a venue. When you hire a course, it comes with the interlocking astro turf tiles that form the putting surface, a set of obstacles (that can be customised to your wedding if requested), putters, balls, numbered hole marker cones, scorecards and pencils.

A New York City Version of The UK’s Popular Crazy Golf
Tucked beneath the streets of Manhattan, tee off in a bucolic 1920s English golf club with three crazy golf courses, cocktail bars and street food. Walk-up crazy golf tickets are $26 peak/$22 off-peak or packages including crazy golf, cocktails and/or food are available for pre-purchase. Reservations are recommended for parties of 5 or more. crazy golf hire

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