Curly Hair Specialist Melbourne

The Right Haircut Makes All The Difference

A great haircut for curly, wavy and textured hair creates flattering shapes that showcase what makes you unique. It lifts your curls and lets you let them do their thing, letting go of the drag that pulls your curls down so they’re not quite as voluminous and fun. It also allows you to style your curls easily at home, ensuring they’re not an all day effort to maintain.

But a bad haircut for curly hair can be incredibly difficult to correct. That’s because nearly every salon in Melbourne that claims to support curly hair merely prioritises social media styling and product selling over effective haircutting. And a great curly haircut should always be about supporting how you want to live with your hair, not how your stylist wants to Instagram it.

If you’re looking for a hairdresser that truly understands your wavy, textured or curly hair and the lifestyles that go with it, look no further than one of these Gina approved salons. Whether you’re in Reservoir or Carnegie, there’s a curly hair specialist close by that will give your strands the love they deserve.

A temple of kinks and loops, this Fitzroy salon is all about redefining the way curls are cut and stylesd. Ask for Neel who is a high priest of ringlets and coils and has no time for the modern-day blow wave palaver. He lives, breathes and loves curls and aims to pay them the respect they deserve.curly hair specialist Melbourne

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