Mediation Services

Mediation services are a great way to peacefully resolve disputes and help preserve relationships that are important to you. Mediation is also a much less expensive alternative to filing a lawsuit.

Mediators are specially trained to assist disputants to explore options for resolution in a safe and confidential environment. Parties are encouraged to share confidences, be empathetic, suspend preconceived judgments and focus on addressing the underlying issues of the conflict. They are then able to devise solutions that are more likely to be satisfying to both parties.

In addition to being a cost effective alternative to litigation, mediation also provides an opportunity for parties to develop better communication and listening skills. As a result, they are more capable of resolving future conflicts on their own. Depending on the nature of the dispute, 80% to 80% of mediations reach full resolution.

Whether you are facing an issue at work, home or in your community, CiC can provide you with an experienced mediator to facilitate a productive conversation. Your lawyer may know of mediators in your area; you can ask friends and colleagues for recommendations; or check the Statewide Mediator Directory. Some courthouses offer free or reduced fee mediation services.

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