The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

From answering phone calls and scheduling appointments to collecting information and screening for solicitors, a virtual receptionist can be an efficient, cost-effective solution to managing your business’ inbound calling and administrative support needs. Unlike automated solutions like answering machines and phone trees, virtual receptionists can create an engaging, personalized caller experience for your callers.

With customer service a top priority for many businesses, virtual receptionists provide a more professional, individualized phone experience that makes customers feel valued and connected to your brand. This helps reduce customer frustration and increases loyalty.

In addition to connecting callers with the right person, virtual receptionists can also answer frequently asked questions (FAQs), schedule appointments, and dispatch staff for some types of businesses such as appliance repair or property management. Many can even record employee absences and dispatch substitute workers.

Often, virtual receptionists are available around the clock for businesses that require 24/7 support. This is especially important for businesses that are open outside of traditional business hours. For example, if you run a small eCommerce business and you keep your staffing lean because of the Covid pandemic, then having a live virtual receptionist on call during evenings, weekends, and holidays will help you avoid missing calls about ordering supplies or new product launches.

The best virtual receptionists work from an intuitive script that is customized and aligned to the policies and procedures of your business. They will have an excellent understanding of your brand and be able to handle your most common inquiries so you can spend time on other critical tasks. virtual receptionist

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