The Importance of Water Tank Maintenance Services

The water tank is a silent component of the water distribution system that can experience significant issues without proper inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Leaving these tanks unchecked can result in high operational costs and water quality problems. This article discusses the importance of regular water tank maintenance services, and explains how these services help reduce plumbing expenses and extend the life of water tanks.

Water Tank Maintenance Services
Regular tank cleaning is the best way to extend a water tank’s lifespan. This prevents contaminants and sediment from accumulating, which can affect water taste and color. It also keeps the plumbing system from becoming clogged and reduces strain on it. Additionally, this helps prevent corrosion and structural damage from building up over time.

Repainting the water tank is also important. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause the paint on the exterior of the tank to fade and break down, creating open spots that are more prone to rust. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Maintenance Co. can install passive cathodic protection in the form of Zinc discs that sacrifice themselves to protect the steel inside the tank from corrosion.

The company hired to perform the work on the water tank should have a good reputation for integrity, honesty and professionalism. They should carry comprehensive Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover potential incidents that may occur during the course of the job. It’s also a good idea to have third-party inspectors in attendance when the tank is being cleaned and repainted, to ensure specifications are followed correctly. water tank maintenance services

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