What is for Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is a sustainable and effective way to share your contact information with networking contacts. They provide the same basic contact information as paper business cards, but they also offer a wide range of clickable links and multimedia content that make them more valuable for modern professionals. They can also be shared through multiple methods, including QR code and NFC technology, allowing users to choose the method that best suits their own preference or the recipient’s device capabilities.

Unlike paper business cards, which can easily become outdated even with the slightest of changes, digital business cards are updated in real time. This eliminates the need to order new cards every time your contact list is refreshed, resulting in savings in both expenses and turnaround times. Digital business cards can also be customized with a unique design to reflect your personal brand or company image and to match your evolving branding strategy. This flexibility also allows you to add additional profile pictures and other media, such as a YouTube video or a link to your website.

Moreover, a good digital business card app will help you monitor the engagement of your vCards in real-time. This will enable you to track the performance of your digital business cards and adjust your networking strategy accordingly. For example, if you want to maximize your networking ROI, try using Uniqode, which offers a powerful vCard management and distribution tool that will automate the creation of your digital business cards as soon as your new contact details are added in Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD). Then, you can automatically send them to your recipients’ smartphones through Uniqode’s platform. for Digital Business Card

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