Useful Tips to import DVD to iTunes on MAC Operating System

We turn our beautiful memories in video films to cherish them forever. We preserve these memories and want to keep them intact. Keeping them in DVD form won’t give these videos a long life. But if you transfer your DVD files to some online library like iTunes,Useful Tips to import DVD to iTunes on MAC Operating System Articles you’ll not only be able to preserve your favorite videos forever but also you’ll be able to browse it whenever and wherever you wish. This article gives you an idea on how to rip DVD files to iTunes library on MAC based operating system.

iTunes doesn’t recognize the type of DVD based media files, so, it becomes important to convert DVD files into MP4, M4V, MOV and other iTunes supporting format. To do this, it is essential to download software which could convert DVD files into other supporting file formats. Online market is replete with such software programs. Here, we have listed some of the best software which can successfully encrypt DVD files to be loaded in iTunes.

Aimersoft DVD ripper for iTunes on Mac

Aimersoft DVD ripper for MAC is one of the most acclaimed DVD ripping programs. This device is known for its efficiency to convert DVD files in other file format without compromising on quality. Due to its efficiency in wonderful ripping of DVD files into iTunes compatible files, this program is also called Aimersoft iTunes for MAC.

How to convert DVD files with help of the software –

Stage 1 – Load DVD files

Use DVD drive of your MAC operating system based laptop. Upload DVD and copy its files; now, load selected file to the DVD ripping software. After loading DVD files choose output format and output folder. You can choose for either of M4V, MP4 and MOV formats to make your DVD files apt for iTunes. These files formats are available in the drop-down list of software.

Stage 2-

After making change in necessary settings, you need to press on ‘start’ button to initiate the process of ripping. After the files are converted, you can add them to the library of iTunes. After adding these files, import them to the library of iTunes. Now, these files are ready to be played. Watch your favorite videos whenever and wherever you wish.

Importing DVD files to iTunes using another method

Apart from using dedicated ripping software, you can also use some other programs to import DVD files to iTunes. One of the most preferred alternatives to rip DVD file is VLC media player. Able to play almost every file format, VLC can efficiently convert DVD files to some other media file type which can be attuned to iTunes. VLC media player works with equal competence on Windows as well as MAC operating system.

Ripping DVD for iTunes supported format with help of Handbrake Software

Handbrake is an open-source software which is acclaimed for its superb effectiveness in converting DVD media files in iTunes supported files. This software is compatible with almost every operating system, ranging from MAC, Windows and Linux.

Handbrake is essentially video conversion software which is able to rip video of almost every format, including DVD videos. With multiple options and third party utilities, it helps in successful encryption of DVD files. Free File Upload

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