How To Crop A Video on an iPhone

How To Crop A Video on an iPhone

You’re out and about, on the go, but you desperately need to crop a video. For example, you snapped an amazing bit of wildlife or an interesting building that you want to share with your friends and family but need to crop the footage to fit the desired platform. No worries at all; here is how you can crop your video on your preferred platform with relative ease and simplicity. Oh, and the best thing is, you can use these programs to edit your footage in the future fully, and they are all free to download! Today’s article looks at how you can crop a video on Android, IOS and PC, and Mac. Here’s the editing breakdown for this sentence.

Video Editing Software for Android, IOS PC, and Mac The first program we will cover is iMovie. It’s a relatively popular and well-known video editing app that has been around for over a decade now. The best part is that it’s free, which makes it even better. Why would anyone pay for an app when they can get one for free? Well, if you’ve got a large library of video files on your phone, and you need to trim them down to size for whatever reason, then iMovie might just be the solution for you. If you’re not sure why you should use iMovie, here’s a quick list of its features: You can easily add music to your clips.

Cropping a video on an iPhone

  • Now let’s see how to crop videos with an iPhone. We recommend that you choose free video editing software; we recommend using the native iMovie app. This app does a great job, it’s free and already on your iPhone.
  • You can start by opening iMovie and following these steps:
  • Choose “New project” from the File menu. Next, go to the “Movie” icon and choose the video you want to crop. Finally, tap the “Create movie” button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select it on the timeline to zoom in on your movie, then hit the Zoom Icon [top right corner].
  • You can now zoom in and out of the area you want to crop using your finger. Essentially, it operates as a zoom, but it is, in fact, a crop function. Click “Done” once you are satisfied with your crop.
  • You can now save the video by clicking on the Action Button [square with arrow]. The video will now be saved to your camera roll, ready to be uploaded and shared with anyone you choose!

Trimming, Splitting, And Cropping A Video: What’s The Difference?

Video editing might seem similar to you if you’re new. You can crop, trim, and split videos. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for even experienced video makers to confuse these terms and use them interchangeably.We’ll quickly go over the differences between cropping, trimming, and splitting.


VEED video cutter is the perfect tool for trimming your video. It’s super easy to use, and it lets you trim out the beginning or end of your video quickly and easily. So whether you’re a newbie or pro, you can cut and trim your video files to the perfect length with a few clicks.

And if you don’t like what you see, you can go back in and make adjustments. The VeeDeVue HDX Video Cutter is compatible with most video formats, including.


Splitting is the process of taking an already-edited video and breaking it up into smaller pieces, called clips. It is the opposite of combining multiple clips into a single video. Splitting clips allows you to easily work on bite-size chunks of your video, such as a single awkward silence, and places a transition between multiple sections. It is often used to spot errors and cut out the parts you don’t need. It’s especially useful with short-form videos where you need a clip to be no more than a few seconds.


When you crop or resize a video, you’re actually cutting or trimming the actual video footage on your canvas. Cropping lets you remove unwanted areas from your footage or adjust the dimensions to fit within a specific aspect ratio. With cropping, you’re able to adjust the edges (top, bottom, left, and right) and corners of your video clips. Not only that, but you can resize your video to fit recommended dimensions for different platforms like desktop, mobile, blog, social media, etc.

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